Vital Earth Liquid Mineral & Vitamin Health Supplements

Vital-Earth Minerals provide unique, powerful, and specifically formulated products that really work. FULVIC ACID IONIC LIQUID MINERALS. Great tasting, high potency liquid vitamins, minerals, and joint support formulas, all with fulvic acid for superior absorption and utilization.

Fulvic Acid is one of the most crucial factors in the reversal and prevention of disease, as well as the maintenance of good health. This miracle molecule passes through cell walls with ease, unlike colloidals which are too large to be used easily by cells.

Vital Earth's liquid minerals are organic and plant derived, and they're more absorbable than colloidals. By adding this important component to all our liquids, we have increased absorption and bio-availability, giving Vital Earth some of the most effective products on the market today.

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Products List

Cal Mag (calcium supplement)
Fulvic Minerals Complex
Gluco Matrix Joint Control
Super Multiple Vitamins

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