Micro Spray Osteo Care

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Osteo Calcium spray Micro Spray Osteo-Care, Calcium Supplement Spray with Xylitol, Calcium-Magnesium-CoQ10-Vitamin D.  Doctor formulated, highly absorbable supplement containing water soluble calcium (the kind your bones are made from) balanced with magnesium, vitamin D and CoQ10.  Spray it under the tongue for instantaneous absorption.

The calcium that is used in Micro Spray Osteo Care and other Micro Spray products is water soluble and is already in a water solution.  These types of calcium are, calcium citrate, calcium hydroxide, calcium lactate, and calcium gluconate.

Micro Spray products also include Vitamin D, and Magnesium. Micro Spray is sugar-free.  It's sweetened with Xylitol, the safest and best tasting sweetener available.  Micro Spray is sprayed sublingually (under the tongue) and is the most effective, convenient and efficient way to get calcium and other supplements into your body.


ingredients content
Serving Size 4 Sprays (10m)    % DAILY VALUE
Servings per Container Approximately 25
Purified Water *
Xylitol     *
Calcium Citrate *
Calcium Lactate *
Calcium Hydroxide *
Magnesium Gluconate     *
Magnesium Citrate   *
Vitamin D *
Vitamin B12 *
CoQ10 *
Natural Flavors *

Additional Information

* MRDV Not Established: FDA has not established RDI for oral spray supplements, and therefore % Daily Value is determined by manufacturer’s recommended daily allowance.